United Malt has been operating as a network of companies spanning North America, the UK and Australia since the early 1990’s…





We’ve served the evolving demands of brewers and distillers in North America for over a century.  Today our annual malt production capacity is approximately 760kt metric tonnes in North America, supplying brewers and distillers of all sizes with complete brewing solutions, including grains, hops and yeast.

Canada Malting Co.:  Three malting plants and nine Country Elevators in Canada with company history dating back to 1902.

Great Western Malting: Two malting plants in the Pacific Northwest of the US, established after prohibition in 1934.

Country Malt Group:  12 warehouses conveniently located across North America fueling the craft beer industry.


Our UK heritage traces back to 1823. Today we continue to serve high quality UK assured malts to distillers and brewers around the world. With our ongoing relationships with barley breeders and farmers we have a annual malt production capacity of approximately 225kt across four plants and currently expanding our capacity by another 57kt.

Bairds Malt: Four malting plants along the Eastern Seaboard, each within a 50-mile radius of growing fields in Scotland and England.

Brewers Select: Centrally located UK warehouse supplying UK craft brewers and distillers with specialty brewing products.



Our history of malting in Australia began with the merge of two immigrant family businesses in 1912.  Today, we have an annual malt production capacity of approximately 250kt across three plants in Geelong, Brisbane and Perth.  We formally added the distribution business and our New Zealand operations in 2017 to serve the growing craft industry.

Barrett Burston Malt:  Three malting plants close to the major growing areas across Australia supply brewers and distillers throughout the country and Asia.

Cryer Malt: Distributor of a variety of local and imported brewing and distilling supplies throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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