We’ve served the evolving demands of brewers and distillers in North America for over a century. Today, our plants produce the highest quality malts and speciality malts in North America, and we supply brewers and distillers of all sizes with complete brewing solutions, including grains, hops and yeasts.

Canada Malting Co.: With a history dating back to 1902, Canada Malting Co. has three malting plants and nine country elevators in Canada.

Great Western Malting: Established in 1934, Great Western Malting has two plants in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S.

Country Malt Group: With 13 distribution centres thoughtfully located across North America, Country Malt Group brings a range of products to our customers.


Our UK heritage traces back to 1823 when two brothers set out on a journey to provide the highest quality beer to the growing Glasgow population. Bairds was founded with a simple idea that to produce the best beer or whisky, you have to control its key ingredient – malt. Today, we continue to serve high quality UK malts to distillers and brewers around the world.

Bairds Malt: Bairds has four malting plants along the Eastern Seaboard, each within a 50-mile radius of growing fields in Scotland and England.



Our industry heritage in the Asia Pacific region started in the 1800’s. With roots in the founding families of Australian malts, Barrett Burston Malting has been delivering premium malted barley to customers for more than 150 years. Their ethos is to supply the brewing trade with the best and freshest ingredients. To further serve the growing brewing and distilling industries and expand in the region, we acquired Cryer Malt in 2017 as a distribution partner. They’ve been a driving force in supplying the best brewing and distilling ingredients in Australasia for over three decades.

Barrett Burston Malt: From the beginning, Barrett Burston has grown alongside the Australian craft beer and spirit industries. We operate three malting plants throughout Australia, source top-grade barley from farms all across the country and proudly support farmers who are passionate about
growing premium product.

Cryer Malt: For over 30 years, Cryer Malt has stood shoulder to shoulder with progressive craft brewers and distillers in Australasia who have broken the mould and shaped the modern craft drinks movement. They’re constantly dedicated to providing the finest ingredients to help our customers create the foundations of truly excellent beers and spirits.

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