United Malt. Our legacy is in the name. And while the story of how we came to be is a long one, it’s a heritage we’re intensely proud of.

We’ve been serving as a network of multinational maltsters since the early 90s. But in truth, our experience goes back hundreds of years. With a family of brands – both large and small, international and local – that spans countries as well as centuries.

Giving us the scale and diversity to continue to bring world famous flavour, colour and aroma to every single drop of our customers’ brilliant products.



These four values define what we stand for and how we work together – regardless of what country we live in, the brands we work for or the role we play. They influence what we do every day and unite us in making the world of malt a safer, better, fuller flavoured one.


The safety of our people is paramount.
Safety is part of our way of life and requires the commitment of everyone throughout the organisation.

Safety extends to the health and wellbeing of ourselves and everyone around us and to the environment in which we operate. It is part of everything that we do as well as the way that we do it.
It is our way of coming together as a community.


We are proud of our industry, our business and our people.

We are proud to be part of a wider community and are positive stewards in the way we work.

We bring a spirit of innovation and continuous improvement to everything that we do.


We provide outstanding ingredients and unsurpassed service that, together, deliver premium value to our customers.

At every step in the process and in all our roles, we come together as a team to make sure that we always provide the best.


We believe that nothing is more important than our reputation, and behaving with the highest levels of integrity is fundamental to who we are.

We are honest, open, ethical and fair at all times.




Take a sip of beer. Whisky if you fancy. Notice that? It’s the malt that makes the difference. Flavour, colour, aroma – everything. You can’t make the drink without it. So make it with the world’s best.

At United Malt, we source our product from the finest barley-growing regions in the world. Think Scottish Highlands. Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains. The vast, fertile prairies of Canada. The golden fields of Goondiwindi on the New South Wales and Queensland border. And so many more. It means our malt brings world famous flavour, colour and aroma to every single drop of our customers’ brilliant products.

And that’s only half the story. Yes, we’re still a young company, but the international maltsters who make up our united family have centuries of experience — Bairds, Barrett Burston, Canada Malting and Great Western Malting, just to name a few. All with their unique recipes and timeless malting traditions that we celebrate and use to this day.

It’s what fuels our international reputation of quality and craft. And it’s why we do more than just simply trade malt.

Our collective heritage means we’re intensely proud of our industry, farmers, brewers and distillers. Committed to partnering with the creators, innovators and experimenters. And excited about making the world of malt a more interesting, full flavoured one — for our customers and our staff.

We’re passionately protecting our earth’s resources while we do it, with sustainable practices at every touch point and empowering our farmers and local communities to play their part too.

That’s quite a lot for a maltster, isn’t it? But it’s what we live for.

Making malt matter, by being partners in craft.


Mark Palmquist, Managing Director and CEO United Malt

Mark Palmquist

Erika Morgan, VP HR, United Malt Group

Erika Morgan

Tiago Darocha, Chief Operating Officer, United Malt

Tiago Darocha

Amy Spanik, CFO United Malt

Ryan Dutcher

Nina Palludan, CIO United Malt Group

Nina Palludan

Bryan Bechard, President United Malt

Bryan Bechard

Donald McBain, Chief Transformation Officer, United Malt

Tony Dal Ponte




We source our malt from the finest barley-growing regions in the world and partner with other craft ingredient suppliers who align with our values to offer quality brewing and distilling products.

It’s why today you’ll find our malting plants and distribution centres across Canada, the United States of America, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Increasingly, you’ll find us in Asia too. Partnering with suppliers in the region to bring the exceptional character of our malt to even more exciting products.

North America

Global HQ:  Vancouver, WA

Canada Malting Co. and Great Western Malting:  CMC and GWM have a malting capacity of approximately 760kt across five locations in Canada and the U.S, with nine country grain elevators in Canada.

Country Malt Group: CMG has 13 distribution centres across Canada and the U.S.

United Kingdom

Global Map with UK Highlighted

Bairds Malt:  Across three plants in Scotland and one in England, Bairds has a malting capacity of approximately 250kt.

Australia & New Zealand

Registered Office: Sydney, NSW Australia

Barrett Burston Malting:  Across three locations in Australia, BBM has a malting capacity of approximately 250kt.

Cryer Malt:  Cryer operates five distribution centres across Australia and New Zealand.

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