United Malt has been operating as a network of companies spanning North America, the UK and Australia since the early 1990’s when Canada Malting purchased both Great Western Malting and Bairds Malt.  In 1995 the companies along with Barrett Burston Malting in Australia, were purchased to form ConAgra Malt.

Since then, the craft beer industry has exploded, and with the acquisition of North Country Malt in the US, we expanded into the warehouse and distribution business to support Commercial craft breweries. We later duplicated that model with the startup of Brewers Select in the UK and acquisition of Cryer Malt, serving Australia and New Zealand in 2017.

We continue with our commitment to the industry to serve brewers, distillers, and other users of malt and craft ingredients all around the world.  Our international reach includes an extended network of distribution partners who deliver our malts and products locally and represent our brands and company values.



Mark Palmquist, Managing Director and CEO United Malt

Mark Palmquist

Amy Spanik, CFO United Malt

Amy Spanik

Bryan Bechard, President United Malt

Bryan Bechard

Donald McBain, Chief Transformation Officer United Malt

Donald McBain

Tiago Darocha, Chief Operating Officer, United Malt

Tiago Darocha

United Malt Website - Headshot Place Holder

Nina Palludan

Erika Morgan, Vice President, Human Resources , United Malt

Erika Morgan


Our values are paramount in everything we do, both at work and outside, with our customers, contractors, vendors, suppliers, staff, friends and families. They are part of who we are as a business and as human beings, regardless of what country we live in, where we come from or the brands we associate with. We hold ourselves and those around us accountable to champion these values.






Creating ingredients that bring people together


Mark Palmquist, Managing Director and CEO United Malt

Mark Palmquist

Graham Bradley, Chairman and Non-Executive Director, United Malt

Graham Bradley AM

Barbara Gibson, Non Executive Director - United Malt

Barbara Gibson

Terry Williamson, Non-Executive Director, United Malt

Terry Williamson

Jane McAloon, Non-Executive Director, United Malt

Jane McAloon

Gary Mize, Non-Executive Director, United Malt

Gary Mize



United Malt is the fourth largest commercial maltster globally, with approximately 1.25Mtpa of capacity and more than 95% average utilisation across 13 processing plants in Canada, United States of America (US), Australia and the United Kingdom (UK). We also operate an international distribution business, which provides a full service offering for craft brewers and distillers, including malt, hops, yeast, adjuncts and related products.

North America

Global HQ:  Vancouver, WA

Great Western Malting and Canada Malting:  Approx. 750kt malting capacity in 5 locations in the US and Canada with nine country elevators in Canada

Country Malt Group: Twelve Distribution Centers across the US and Canada

United Kingdom

Global Map with UK Highlighted

Bairds Malt:  Approx. 250kt malting capacity with three plants in Scotland and two in England

Brewers Select: Distribution Center in Peterborough, UK 

Australia & New Zealand

Registered Office: Sydney, NSW Australia

Barrett Burston Malting:  Approx. 250kt malting capacity across three locations across Australia

Cryer Malt:  Eight Distribution Centers across Australia and New Zealand

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