2022 Sustainability Report

2022 marks the third release of United Malt Group’s Sustainability Report, which outlines and tracks our Zero Harm commitment to operating as a sustainable company. As a malting business, we have a direct relationship with nature, land and the farming community, making environmental conservation a key strategic priority. We have invested in a roadmap to sustainable agriculture to preserve our barley supply and improve our efficiency by reducing waste, emissions and energy and water usage.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the environment, as Zero Harm also means caring for the wellness of our people. We strive to make a positive impact on our global communities as well as build upon a company culture that promotes physical and mental safety. In FY22, we took steps towards furthering our charitable giving, increasing female representation amongst our leadership and empowering our employees through a new employee survey program.

Our sustainability journey is one of continuous learning and improvement and while we recognise the progress made during the year, we equally recognise the amount of work still to be done. We will continue to develop plans and actions to progress our sustainability goals in the year ahead and we look forward to reporting our progress in future periods.

Modern Slavery Statement

United Malt Group has respect for human rights as one of our core values; this means we will conduct our business in a way that recognises and respects the rights of our employees, customers, suppliers and contractors to be free from practices of modern slavery.  These actions are not only the moral and ethical thing to do, but central to the ongoing growth and success of our business.

Protecting Our Planet

Environmental management remains a fundamental component of the United Malt operating strategy, and our approach is guided by a “Zero Harm to Our Planet” concept. The effects of climate change as well as the depletion of our natural resources pose undeniable risks to our communities. We invest in more sustainable operations as we have a moral and ethical responsibility to help protect our planet.

We recognise that producing and supplying quality malt is a resource intensive process, both in the fields and our facilities. Therefore, we take a holistic approach to our sustainability efforts, considering all areas including energy and water consumption, waste management and greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy & Water

All United Malt locations set energy and water reduction targets, continuously benchmark usage and develop and implement new technology to meet our overarching reduction targets. These recent technologies include a Combined Heat and Power plant, reducing our reliance on grid electricity, as well as membrane bioreactors coupled with reverse osmosis which reduce water consumption.

Waste & Emissions

We also focus on managing our waste streams by recycling, repurposing and composting whenever possible, and engaging in anaerobic digestion for organic materials that can be broken down and turned into biogas. In addition, we’re committed to reducing our overall carbon footprint by accounting for our carbon emissions and sourcing clean energy sources with lower carbon emission factors such as hydroelectric, wind and solar power.


Reduction in Recordable Injuries since 2012

A Culture Built on Care

We’re serious about two things: Our exceptional malt and the safety and wellbeing of the people who make our malt exceptional. It’s why our culture is built on care and inclusivity. We partner with our associates and empower our visitors to identify safety risks and opportunities for improvement. We accomplish this through reviewing our sites, investing in infrastructure and training our teams.

We put everyone’s physical and mental wellbeing first to foster a safer, more engaging workplace. We look out for each other and nurture a Safe for Life culture that focuses to reduce injuries, incidents and at-risk behaviours.

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