2022 Sustainability Report

2022 marks the third release of United Malt Group’s Sustainability Report.

We have a company-wide commitment to operate as a sustainable company and integrate sustainable actions in everyday operations as we embrace our commitment to zero harm. We will continue to develop plans and actions to progress our sustainability goals in the year ahead and we look forward to reporting our progress in future periods.

Unless otherwise stated, this report covers the 12-month reporting period ending 30 September 2022.  Where possible, information and data for prior periods have been provided for comparative purposes.

This report covers United Malt’s operating geographies namely: the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Modern Slavery Statement

United Malt Group has respect for human rights as one of our core values; this means we will conduct our business in a way that recognises and respects the rights of our employees, customers, suppliers and contractors to be free from practices of modern slavery.  These actions are not only the moral and ethical thing to do, but central to the ongoing growth and success of our business.

United Malt Group Modern Slavery Statement FY 20 photo of cover
United Malt Group Modern Slavery Statement FY 20 photo of cover

Established EH&S Culture

United Malt has a strong safety and sustainability culture, shaped from years of focus, accountability and the genuine care our team shares about people and the environment.  Our team proactively seeks solutions to potential hazards before they happen and encourages ideas and feedback to ensure continuous improvement.

We address safety and environment in a multi-pronged approach.  

United Malt’s global EH&S strategy supports and aligns with our local brands through initiatives that address these key areas:

Safety & Health
Management Systems
High Performance Culture


Critical Risk Management

Injury Reduction

Process Safety Management

Investing in Sustainable Operations

Producing quality malt takes natural resources and energy, both in the field and in the plant.  We recognize this and are continuously measuring and looking for ways to reduce our usage and emissions.  

All locations set energy reduction targets, continuously benchmark energy use and develop and implement new technology to meet our overarching reduction targets. United Malt is also committed to reducing the carbon footprint of its products. Through a process of accounting for its carbon emissions, reduction of energy use, sourcing energy sources with lower carbon emission factors, carbon offsets and leadership review, United Malt is achieving its energy and carbon reduction targets.

Malting is a water-intensive process.  As with energy, all locations set water reduction targets, continuously benchmark water use and develop and implement new technology such as membrane bioreactors coupled with reverse osmosis to meet United Malt’s water conservation targets.

Our new buildings include the latest technologies for carbon and water reduction and we work closely with local regulators to implement best practices and minimize our impact on the local and surrounding communities.


Reduction in Recordable Injuries since 2012

Living our Safety Culture

As one of our brand values, safety is all-encompassing. Our Leadership Team promotes and rewards safety and empowers our associates and visitors in all locations to proactively identify safety risks and champion opportunities for improvement.

We’ve been on a journey for many years that has resulted in a culture of safety throughout our business. We proactively review our sites, invest in infrastructure, provide training to our staff, and take rigorous caution around any contractors and customers.

United Malt’s safe-for-life focus uses targeted health and safety programs along with behavioral safety programs to involve employees to produce a safer and more engaging workplace. Since the start of the safe-for-life focus in 2012, United Malt has reduced recordable injuries to employees and contractors by over 77%.

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